2+ Weeks Into Covid Closure

Days 1-4

March 20th-23rd:


Information on small business support remained vague and changed day by day. Spent most of my time obsessively refreshing the news, note-taking, researching, hand-wringing, and chest-gripping. Immediately canceled all subscriptions like Netflix, Tidal, Spotify. The 10% wage subsidy had me cackling shabbily in the dark in fetal position because I appreciate a good joke. Laid everyone off. Cried a decent amount. Drank a fair bit of wine.

Days 5-7

March 24th-26th:

"Screw the news, why should I wait to try my best - let's get it" mentality.

16 hour days moving inventory from store to home, collecting ISBNs, and formatting import sheets to upload products onto the Wix platform. Dove in deep optimizing settings, apps, and accounts for Facebook and Instagram business. Wrote my first blog post here. Set up a Gift Card page (clunky) and a kind friend purchased the first one (thank you Lane)! Uploaded ~100 products onto the Wix shop. Signed up for free courses on EDX and Coursera. Attended a webinar by the CFIB which was incredibly helpful and reassuring. They have really been going to bat for small businesses at the political level. As well as updating information and resources on their website that you can access even if you are not a paying member. Received confirmation about our shop's rent deferral for April, though no news about March or May. The CMHC have communicated to the Granville Island business community at large a few times regarding rent relief, but not in very enthusiastic or concrete terms. There is an ongoing campaign for Granville Island business owners to write to the Hon. Dr. Hedy Fry about rent abatement. Once I get to writing my letter, I will share it here. Incurring debt so we can pay rent for the months we were closed and had no income is not a viable solution.