June Review: Reopening, Hiring, DIY Barrier, Private Browsing, Collection Highlights

Friday June 5th was the beginning of our reopening process. Despite the mess and disarray those first few weeks, so many of you came out to say hello, buy books, and offer your kind, generous encouragements. It's been soul-nourishing to welcome you back. From my heart to yours, thank you. I look so forward to seeing you again.

[Photo credit: Robert of GIBCA - Thanks Robert, it was wonderful to meet you! I'm loving the changes in the group, and seeing what the Granville Island community really looks like.]

In terms of operations: Kids Market was open 11am to 4pm on weekdays and 11am to 5pm on weekends in June. Hours will revert back to 10am to 6pm daily for July. You may notice some stores are closed while others are open at varying hours. It's a challenging time for shops. June sales for us were less than 20% of previous years. And neither of our wonderful staff are in a position to risk possible exposure by returning to work right now (which I fully understand and support). Of course I want to be open every single day to be there for our readers and get our sales up, but it's been difficult flying solo. I apologize if you've come down for books only to find us closed some days. To help the situation while I hire and train new staff (view job post here!) I've created an online booking system for private browsing appointments. Please check it out - any feedback would be much appreciated.

Benefits of booking:

  1. Ensure the shop will be open for exactly when you'd like to browse.

  2. Your household will have the shop to yourselves during this reserved time.