A Semester in the Life of a Garbage Bag

A new look for a hilarious classic — nobody tells it quite like Gordon Korman!Sean Delancey, high school basketball star, is just an ordinary, popular guy...until he meets eccentric Raymond Jardine, a boy with absolutely no luck. Although reluctant at first, Sean is drawn into Raymond's wacky scheme to secure a spot on the school-sponsored trip to Theamelpos, the fabulous Greek island that grants good luck to everyone who visits it.Through his friendship with Raymond, Sean learns to value individuality and independent thinking. And in the book's hilarious climax, it is Sean himself who engineers the showdown between the student body and SACGEN, the principal's pet project, which is a virtually useless Solar/Air Current Generating Machine that supposedly powers the high school!Smooth, skillful writing and an engaging cast of quirky characters will keep readers chuckling to the very end of this Korman classic.

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