A Street Through Time

A Street Through Time

Everything changes with time. Take the street where you live. Just imagine how it looked 10,000 years ago, or in Roman times, or Victorian England.

On this incredible illustrated journey you’ll see how the same street has evolved since ancient times right up to our modern world, and even glimpse beyond it into the future.

This unforgettable award-winning book stops at key moments in history, showing how architecture, culture, industry, and people make their mark on the changing landscape. Beautifully detailed illustrations bring 15 important periods dramatically to life. You’ll start with a temporary camp of nomadic hunter-gatherers and end up in the hustle and bustle of a 21st-century street.?

You’ll witness magnificent buildings come and go, new churches on the site of ancient temples, wooden bridges replaced with stone, and ancient statues unearthed centuries later. Absorbing cutaway scenes showcase the different ways in which people lived, worked, and played.?

Revised and updated for new generations to sneak a peek at the street 50 years from now, A Street Through Time is an endlessly fascinating book for the whole family to enjoy. The more you look, the more you’ll see.
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    Steve Noon

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