Bullying  Solutions

Bullying Solutions


It has been said that "knowledge is power." In instances of bullying, knowledge of how others dealt with the problem can be an empowering tool for someone in a similar situation.


Bullying Solutions compiles more than 40 real-life examples of various types of bullying (including hazing) and explores how they were confronted. These are not scientific case studies, but rather detailed illustrations of actual events. Some have a good outcome, others were not resolved successfully. By examining these stories and reviewing the actions of parents, school administrators, and youths involved in the bullying cases, readers will gain practical, user-friendly advice from the lessons learned by others in handling or even recognizing a bullying problem.


Chapters include:

  • An overview of bullying facts and myths, including definitions and how to identify targets and aggressorsA parental "toolbox" of of step-by-step suggestions for action to prevent and intervene in bullying
  • More than 40 case studies categorized by age group and type of bullying
  • Questions throughout the book help readers put the examples into perspective and develop a plan of action.


  • With clear formatting and down-to-earth language, Bullying Solutions is certain to be an important new weapon in the war on bullying.

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