Cheetah Cubs and Beetle Grubs

Cheetah Cubs and Beetle Grubs


A nursery of names for juvenile animals.

Young mountain goats are called kids, just like young people. But who knew that baby mackerel were called spikes? Animal fan Diane Swanson did. In a book that's both fact-filled and fun, Swanson unearths 11 animals and the words we use to describe their young.

Some names really fit the bill. The frequent peeps of young pigeons, called squeakers, make them sound just like rubber toys. And baby mice, known as pinkies, really do resemble little fingers. But would you have guessed that baby eels are called flies?

Baby animal names include:

  • Cheetah cubs
  • Goat kids
  • Beetle grubs
  • Pigeon squeakers
  • Mosquito wigglers
  • Mackerel spikes
  • Duck flappers
  • Skunk kits
  • Mice pinkies
  • Salmon fry
  • Eel flies.

Each playful profile offers fascinating facts and "Neat to Know" nuggets about the critters in question. The highly amusing artwork makes a delightful connection to each intriguing name. Cheetah Cubs and Beetle Grubs is sure to grab young animal enthusiasts and language lovers alike.


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