Cross Canada Crosswords 2

Cross Canada Crosswords 2


Crossword fanatics, sharpen your pencils! Calgary-based crossword designer Gwen Sjogren, author of the very popular Cross-Canada Crosswords presents a second collection of challenging and playful puzzles in
Cross-Canada Crosswords 2.

Most crosswords appearing in Canadian newspapers and puzzle books originate in the USA, and it shows in the spellings and cultural references. Cross-Canada Crosswords 2 is for those who know that a loonie is money, wouldn't expect a Genie to grant wishes and appreciate punster Sjogren's knack for clever clues.

Twenty-six new crosswords, including eleven jumbo puzzles, make for hours of entertainment. Maple-themed puzzles include "Canadian Roadside Attractions," "Classic Canadians" and "Silly Canuck Stuff" plus a few non-Canadian brain teasers such as "My Favourite Mystery Mavens" and "A Titanic Test."

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    Gwen Sjogren

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