Kindergarten: Curious George Adventures in Learning

Kindergarten: Curious George Adventures in Learning


Curiosity leads to learning! Curious George Adventures in Learning is a researched series for early learners. It was designed by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, a global leader in education serving 60 million students worldwide. Each workbook features 12 new mini-stories that provide context for math, reading, and science practice. These stories give children authentic learning experiences that naturally inspire curiosity. Children are more motivated to ask, learn, and retain information when they learn through stories. In the Kindergarten workbook, your child will strengthen foundational skills in math, literacy, and science. Extend counting to 100, identify solid shapes, add and subtract within 10, and distinguish between upper- and lowercase letters.The workbooks also integrate social and emotional activities to support whole child development. And they're mapped to the Common Core, providing valuable reinforcement of the concepts they learn in school.


Description for Curious George Adventures in Learning:


Join "Curious George, the curious little monkey" on his learning adventures through reading, math, and science. Children will learn concepts within the stories about George and the Man in the Yellow Hat. At the PreK level children will learn the alphabet & phonics, reading readiness, speaking & listening, counting to 20, simple addition and subtraction, shapes & patterns, measurement, and science concepts. Grade K (ages 5-6) teaches and practices alphabet & phonics, reading fluency, speaking & listening, writing, vocabulary, counting to 100, addition & subtraction, place value, measurement & data, geometry, and science concepts. Grade 1 (ages 6-7) includes phonics, reading fluency, speaking & listening, writing, vocabulary, addition & subtraction, place value, measurement & data, time & money, geometry, and science.


Each workbook includes 12 stories with workbook activities that follow. As you read the Curious George story together, there are questions at the bottom of the page to be used for discussion.


The activity pages that follow each story will vary from 10 to 12. "You Did It!" is a page that wraps up each set of activities and allows reflection or evaluation of what the child remembers. "Play Together" is a section at the back of the book that includes game cards for use with some of the activities; answer keys; certificate of completion; and a sheet of 100+ stickers are also found at the back of each book.


This series is published by Houghton Mifflin and aligned to Common Core standards (CCS). These full-color workbooks are reproducible for classroom or family use and are over 300 pages in length. At the kindergarten and first grade levels, these books would be a nice supplement for your curriculum; and at the preschool level, a good introduction for basic concepts.


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