Extraordinary Friends: Mr. Rogers Let's Talk About Series

Extraordinary Friends: Mr. Rogers Let's Talk About Series


How do you get to know someone in a wheelchair? Sometimes it's hard to know where to begin. In his characteristically wise and gentle way, Mister Rogers challenges the stereotypes that often plague children with special needs and celebrates six children who are extraordinary friends.


Suggested ages: 4-8


Rogers deals with the concerns, questions, and confusion children may have about people with special needs. He begins by describing common feelings they experience when they meet someone with a disability, such as curiosity, fear, or surprise. Readers are reassured that these reactions are normal and that getting to know individuals is the best way to understand and appreciate them. 


Although the author repeats some of the same advice found in his Adoption (1995), Divorce (1996) and Stepfamilies (1997, all Putnam)-for example, how helpful it is for children to talk to grown-ups about their feelings-this book also offers gentle suggestions for becoming friends with "extraordinary" people.


Bright, colorful photographs depict six children with special needs in various situations. The first page introduces them and some of the things they like. Although the large-print text is easy to read, the book is best shared aloud as discussion is bound to follow.

- Christine Lindsey, Lake Superior Primary School, Ashland, WI


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