Grandpa's Ghost Stories

Grandpa's Ghost Stories


Sitting on Grandpa's lap in the middle of a thunderstorm and listening to weird stories about what happened to him as a boy is not quite as cozy as it sounds. Skeletons in sacks; horrible witches; huge, scary, furry spiders with big, squishy mouths; hideous ghosts and hungry werewolves haunted Grandpa in one terrible predicament after another. A skeleton chased him into the Warty Witch's cave where she turned him into a spider with her magic wishbone and, after landing in a few more scary adventures, wished himself right back to his own house. Grandpa's tall tales leave the reader with a happy memory of shivers, gasps and chuckles.

This wonderfully ghoulish and amusing collection of stories, and the hilarious and wildly inventive illustrations that accompany them, will, like James Flora's The Great Green Turkey Creek Monster, keep young readers on the edge of their chairs.


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