Hands-On STEAM Explorations for Young Learners

Hands-On STEAM Explorations for Young Learners: Problem-Based Investigations for Preschool to Second Gradewill use popular children's nursery rhymes to explore STEAM concepts through hands-on, minds-on investigations. Children ages 4 through 8 and their teachers will love this twist on familiar old nursery rhymes. Children will enjoy problem solving and tinkering as they discover and explore. Black sheep insists that she hides more colors in the drawnlines of her black wool. Test to find out if it is possible for black to be more than one color. Can you invent a contraption using household items to catch a tiger by the toe? How might you make Old King Cole's fiddle using take-out boxes and rubber bands? Teachers will appreciate the easy-to-follow layout, connection to advanced learning, and easy-to-access materials in each investigation. Innovation, wonder, and fun are at the heart of each of these explorations.

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