Horse Mad Heights

Ashleigh Miller has landed a riding scholarship to the prestigious Linley Heights School and she`s determined to make the most of it. It`s an incredible opportunity: at Linley she`ll train with some of Australia`s best riding instructors at a state-of-the-art facility and compete on the school`s polocrosse team. She`ll even have horsemanship as a subject in school! Still, it means that once again Ashleigh will be the new girl, and she knows from experience that isn`t easy. With a germophobe roommate who`s determined to get the school`s horse program cancelled, a history teacher who hates her from day one, and a rival rider who`s jealous of Ashleigh`s scholarship, Ashleigh`s got her work cut out for her. She vows there`s nothing she won`t do to prove herself at Linley, but as her attempts to show she belongs become dangerous, she risks losing everything. For the first time, Ashleigh doesn`t have being totally horse mad to fall back on. Could moving away from Shady Creek have been the worst decision of her life?

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