I Can Eat with Chopsticks

I Can Eat with Chopsticks

This beautifully illustrated bilingual Chinese and English storybook welcomes you to enjoy a light-hearted story of how chopsticks became the main eating utensil of the Chinese People.

When Little Mo picks up a small bamboo stick from the bamboo forest, she has no idea that it will eventually lead to one of China's most significant inventions. In this Children's story the stick comes to life to help in the kitchen. The little bamboo stick helps Mom pick out vegetables from a bowl of hot soup, helps Little Mo to eat the remaining rice in her bowl, and helps Dad to stir eggs. The stick soon learns it has limitations, unable to easily pick up noodles from a bowl.

Little Mo quickly solves this problem by finding another bamboo stick to join the team. As a duo, the stocks can cut buns in half and pick up pork dumplings without any difficulty. Her dad then gives them the name "chopsticks" and improves upon their design. First used in China over 3,000 years ago, their use spread to other Asian countries and all over the world!
  • Format

    Hardback With dust jacket
  • Author

    Lin Xin

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