I Didn't Know That Some Whales Can Sing

Did you know whales are mammals that breathe air? That some whales are heavier than the largest dinosaurs? That dolphins help each other when they are sick? Discover for yourself amazing facts about whales and dolphins – what they eat, how loud the humpback whale’s call can be, how they have babies, who their worst enemies are, and more, in this awesome book all about whales! With a cover designed to grab a child’s attention (including foil, spot UV, and embossing), and an immediately engaging interior filled with varying text lengths and density, diverse illustrations, dynamic layouts, and the most current information laid out in a captivating format, young readers will come back to this book again and again, building their science knowledge base as well as vocabulary. Fun facts, true or false quizzes, search and find features, clearly labeled graphics, and text boxes are designed to hold the attention of all types of learners, making the information accessible and interesting, as well as engaging and entertaining.

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