Maker Comics: Fix a Car!

Maker Comics: Fix a Car!


Maker Comics is the ultimate DIY guide. Inside this graphic novel you'll find illustrated instructions for ten car repair activities!


Lena, Mason, Abner, Rocky, and Esther only have one thing in common: They’re crazy about cars. A few of them already have their driver’s licenses. And even though Rocky and Esther are too young to drive, they still have a lot questions. In Car Club, Ms. Gritt has all the answers. When is the best time to check the oil? How do you change a tire? And why is Mason’s car making that squeaky noise? Before you get behind the wheel, learn what’s going on underneath the hood. Follow along as Ms. Gritt covers all the basics of preventative maintenance and roadside repairs.


Colorful diagrams illustrate the inner workings of complex parts and systems. With Maker Comics: Fix a Car! you can keep your automobile in tip-top shape! Follow the easy step-by-step instructions and you can: Create a portable tool kit Check the oil and fluid levels Maintain the battery Replace the windshield wipers Replace a drive belt or pulley Change the oil Change a flat tire Wash and detail a car (and add a racing stripe!) Change a taillight bulb Jump-start a car


Suggested age: 8-13


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