More Lunch Lines

More Lunch Lines


A fresh helping of laugh-out-loud jokes from the creator of Lunch Lines!

Q: What is a sheep's favorite karate move?

A: A lamb chop!

Parents can turn lunchtime into a real treat with a joke from More Lunch Lines every day! Packed with enough jokes for a whole school year and accompanied by hilarious illustrations, this clever book serves up a fresh helping of sidesplitting jokes and riddles on topics kids love, like animals, space, and sports. Just tear out a joke and drop it in a lunch for a school year of smiles-perfect for busy parents and hectic mornings!

Joke loving kids who love Lunchbox Notes and Laugh Out Loud Jokes for Kids will laugh it up for More Lunch Lines .

• Joke books for kids age 5 and up
• Kids lunch notes jokes
• A perfect back-to-school gift for busy parents

• Enough hilarious jokes for an entire school year!


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