Periplus Pocket Cantonese Dictionary

Periplus Pocket Cantonese Dictionary


The ideal resource for students, travelers and business people!

The Periplus Pocket Cantonese Dictionary is a convenient and handy pocket-sized dictionary that contains the most common Cantonese vocabulary you will need to use and understand, whether as a traveler, student, or beginner just discovering the Cantonese language.

Different meanings of the same word are distinguished so that you will always be able to make the correct choice with confidence. This handy reference guide provides the essentials of Cantonese pronunciation that will ensure you are always understood when speaking.

This Cantonese dictionary features:
- Bidirectional Cantonese-English and English-Cantonese sections
- Over 12,000 essential words and expressions
- Headwords printed in easy-to-read type for quick and easy reference
- Latest computer, mobile phone, Internet and social media terms
- A basic overview of grammar and pronunciation


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