Proud to Be Inuvialuit

Proud to Be Inuvialuit

2011 Vancouver Children's Literature Roundtable - Information Book Award

James Pokiak is proud to be Inuvialuit, which means "real people."

The Inuvialuit are the most westerly Canadian Inuit. He lives in the hamlet of Tuktoyuktuk, NWT, which is above the Arctic Circle on the shore of the Arctic Ocean. The community is often just called Tuk to save time. Even though he lives in town now, James grew up on the land, learning the traditional values and survival skills of his people. In this book, the fifth in the The Land is Our Storybook series, James and his daughter, Rebecca, go on a trip to harvest beluga whale. Harvesting and preparing beluga meat together as a family is an integral part of what it means to be Inuvialuit. Join James and Rebecca and learn about how the beluga whale is interlinked with Inuvialuit culture and history.


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