The Caribou Feed Our Soul

The Caribou Feed Our Soul


Pete Enzoe is Chipewyan Dene from Lutsel K'e, Northwest Territories, on the East Arm of Great Slave Lake. He is a hunter, fisher, and trapper. He sees his role in life as protector of the caribou and spends much of his time reading" the land as he travels his peoples' traditional areas. Pete also helps scientists to monitor the herd's health and migration.

In The Caribou Feed Our Soul, the sixth book in The Land is Our Storybook series, Pete takes readers on a respectful caribou harvest. Along the way, he shares creation stories about how his people are descendants of the caribou. He also describes the spiritual areas his community is trying to protect, including Thaidene Nene, which means "land of our ancestors." Pete's stories help the reader to understand the rich history of the Chipewyan Dene and their relationship with the caribou today.


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