This Is Me and Where I Am

This Is Me and Where I Am


A Canadian Children's Book Centre Our Choice selection, 2005 for the Hard Cover edition and 2008 for the Board Book edition.


In the world there is a country.

In that country there is a city.

In that city there is a neighbourhood.

In that neighbourhood there is a street.


Children from preschool through grade one relish the discovery of their place in the world. Learning the number on their home, the street where they live, the town or city they call home is a comforting reminder to children that they belong. Illustrator / author Joanne Fitzgerald gradually takes her young audience from the whole wide world to one bed and the child in it. Then she turns the whole thing around:

Me under the bed.

Blanket on the bed.

Bed in the room.

Room in the house.

...all the way back to the world again.

Governor General's Award-winning illustrator Joanne Fitzgerald brings her distinctive bright pallet and warm, cuddly characters to a charming book that will prompt young ones to look outside themselves to create their own place in the world. A wonderful support for parents with children ready to learn their address, as well as a perfect adjunct to primary school program units about a child's place in the local community and beyond. An irresistible page-turner.


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