Tusaayaksat Magazine: Ukiuq Winter 2019

Tusaayaksat Magazine: Ukiuq Winter 2019


Special edition, including issue No.1 The Imniarvik Issue of NIPATURUQ! A magazine by and for Inuvialuit youth (and all those who would like to support and encourage them). 


Celebrating Inuvialuit People, Culture and Heritage. Tusaayaksat Magazine's Mission: To empower, celebrate, communicate, heal and bond. A forum for stories and voices that need to be heard.


Tusaayaksat means stories and voices that need to be heard. We celebrate Inuvialuit people, culture and heritage.


Makpiraam Iluani: Table of Contents:

  • Introduction: Nutaat Inuit; New People - Melody Teddy, Guest Editor
  • Fashion Spotlight: Winter Must-haves - Erica Lugt, Fashion Reporter
  • Art Feature: Self-Portraits - Youth from Inuvik Youth Centre
  • Profile: Arctic Snow to Outer Space - Tyee Fellows
  • Profile: Making a Mark in Ulu - Mona Kudlak
  • Opinion: Taningnaq - Christina King (Taalrumiq)
  • Conversation: A Bloody Jersey & More - Chris Church & Steve Dagar
  • ICRC Resources: Classic Storybooks - Inuvialuit Cultural Centre (ICRC)
  • Early Childhood: Headstart - Maria Storr
  • From Tuk to the Global Stage: Students tell their story of how climate change is "happening to us"
  • Historical: Project Surname - Charles Arnold
  • Creative: All About Fur - Nikita Larter; Lena Kotokak
  • Closing Thoughts: Heart Knowledge - Randal "Boogie" Pokiak



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