What Grandma Built

Grandma finds the perfect spot for her home on the shore of a lake. As her family gets bigger, the house grows too--and eventually becomes a castle! Bursting with toys, bunk beds, bedrooms and pies, the castle is a magical place full of love and traditions. Whole walls are reserved for family photos and grandchildren's drawings, and a huge playground fills the yard. Grandma and her family love boating, watching the loons, and having meals together in Grandma's giant dining room. The castle is built on a stone foundation so that it will last for years and years--and Grandma and her love will last forever in the memories of her family. Featuring vibrant illustrations by Jazmin Sasky, What Grandma Built is the poignant story of one family and its extraordinary grandmother, and is a whimsical take on the difference between a house and a home.

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